हाथ का हुनर
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In this digital age, LAPTOPS have become an important part of our daily life, whether it is office work or home & is increasing day by day. Over the course of time, one can face some problems in their laptops like heating, display not working, motherboard problems and many more.

With the increasing number of laptop users every day, the demand for Laptop Repairing Experts is also increasing.

We are bridging the gap between the Laptop Repairing Experts demand & supply by providing quality ‘Laptop Repair Training’.

With Laptop Repairing Skill, one can get a good job as well as can start their own business with very less investment.

We strongly believe in the concept of “अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ”. You can make living in any part of the world, if you have Laptop Hands-on Skill “हाथ का हुनर”.

“LAPTOP HOME – Learn to Earn” is a one place which will give you the perfect platform to stand high in the field of LAPTOP REPAIRING.

To become a Laptop Repairing Expert, you need:

  • Practical Theory (not only theory)
  • Practical Training
  • Practical Experience

PRACTICAL THEORY which will help you to remember & revise the concepts. (We teach what is required & necessary in the field to work as an expert & not unnecessary & outdated theory)

PRACTICAL TRAINING on Working Motherboards (Hot Testing), which will help you to implement & develop learned practical theory into practical skills.

PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE by working on Live Motherboards, which will help you to repair your own Client’s Machine perfectly without any hit & trial method.

We have designed our LAPTOP REPAIR TRAINING covering PRACTICAL THEORY, PRACTICAL TRAINING & PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to learn or to do practical but can apply directly for JOB or start your own BUSINESS.

Go through the ‘Laptop Repair Training’ options to choose best for yourself or meet us for better understanding of each training option, its scope etc.

We also provide Fast Track  / Short Term / Weekend Training for Working Professionals / Shopkeepers, who want to upgrade their knowledge & increase their income by learning latest technology, equipment’s but don’t have much time as their work will suffer in their absence.

Happy Training 🙂