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There are two ways to learn ‘Laptop Repairing’. One is the COURSE way & another is the TRAINING way. After finishing the course, one has to go to Professional World to get Practical Training. “LAPTOP HOME- Learn to Earn” is a one place destination for both.

We have seen many students getting theoretical knowledge from one place (that too not complete with good amount of fees paid) & then they search for a professional in market, who can teach them practical repairing (again paying good amount of fees).

At “LAPTOP HOME- Learn to Earn”, one gets additional support after completing the ‘Laptop Repair Training’. We support students in various ways in transforming their learned skills into successful business like on call repairing guidance, courier support etc.

We have made a checklist to help students to choose best option for them. Our motive is not to hurt anyone or degrade anybody but to show you a comparison which will help you to make right choice for yourself & your career without wasting your valuable time & money.

To work professionally, you need to get trained with Professionally Working People.



Students Category Only Freshers Freshers / Institute Students / Professionals / Shopkeepers
List of Topics Long List of  Course Topics Professional Topics

(Job & Business Oriented)

Free Kits (Tools) Low Grade Quality & their amount is  already added in the fees (Not at all Free) No Free Kits

(Purchase Good Quality Tools yourself)

Focuses on Finishing the Course Completing the Training
Expertise Give you introduction of all the equipments Train you to become Expert in each equipment step by step
Learning Incomplete Knowledge Complete Knowledge + Practical Training + Experience
Combo Courses Introduction of all Technologies Professional in LAPTOP REPAIRING

(you need computer to repair all other devices)

Timings Focuses on Quantity Focuses on Quality
Learning Introduction of Repairing  Live Experience of Repairing
Theory 90% Theory 20% Practical Theory
Practical 10% Practical 80% Practical Training
Motherboards & Faults Fixed set of Motherboards Variety of Motherboards
Real Life Faults No Yes
Customers No Customer Experience Customer Handling Experience
Live Motherboards No Yes
Generation Motherboards Very Few Mostly
Latest Technology No Yes
Faculty Inexperienced Faculty Working Professionals
Free Data Huge GB data is provided

(Outdated & Unorganized)

Quality data which is useful & latest
Support No Support on Call for Motherboard Repairing On Call Repairing Support

(Live Motherboard Experience)

Courier Support No Yes
Equipments & Tools for Practice Low Grade Best Quality

If you still have any question or query, we are ready to help you.

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Happy Learning 🙂